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1. Line of Business

BONOFA AG is a marketing organization. Its products and services are distributed via an In-House Online-Partner Network. Distributors of BONOFA AG – usually small to average sized (online) trading companies – can use this system free of charge. A user-friendly interface enables BONOFA-Partners to use the integrated Online-Marketing-Tools for distributing their own and BONOFAs products to business- and final customers.

2. Products

2.1 BONOFA Video-Communication

Video Communication is a growth market with both companies and private persons as target groups.
Bonofa Video-Communication is an easy-to use, web-based software-system which enables the user to send video messages. As an instrument, it promises branding and perfect customer retention for companies, i.e. by sending extremely personalized Videomails to customers – perfectly fitted into every companies corporate design.
Final customers profit from a wide variety of pre-designed templates and messages, such as Valentines Day, Birthdays, Weddings etc.
BONOFA Video-Communication is an easy and uncomplicated way to send a personal message – corporate or private – for every possible occasion.

Video Conferencing (Online-Conferencerooms)

2.2 Mail-Service
BONOFA-Mail-Service offers its users free e-mail adresses, including a web-based e-mail-client for managing emails location-independent.

2.3 Landingpages
BONOFA-Landingpages (websites) are a marketing tool developed for this companies businesspartners.
Using a content managing system, partners can promote their own products and services as well as BONOFA-Products search engine optimized on the internet.
Landingpages can be designed indivividually for diverse topics via the Backend.
A modular construction system containing various design- and function elements make the system interesting for almost every branche.

2.4 ABS (Automatic Business System)
ABS is a new, state of the art database-assisted marketing- and CRM-System. The Software enables you to partly or fully automate your digital communication regarding Distribution and Afterbuy-Processing. The size of yopur business doesn"t matter. BONOFA-Partners use ABS from first contacts before doing business up to customer relations.
Control-Center for managing and autoamating e-mail communication (Step2: Videomail)
Guidance/Instructions/Personal support
Contact Import-/Export-Function
Group Management

2.5 Online-Seminars
BONOFA AG offers its Businesspartners an Online-Academy where the Partners can be coached in areas such as Personality Management or Sales- and Businessmanagement. Every Company can also use this system to coach its own employees. Adjusting the corporate design is also possible.

Brian Tracy „Psychology of performance“
Hundreds of eLearning-Videos, -Audiobooks
Personal Training (Videocommunication > Online-Conferences)
Individual Support
Creating of Webinars
Corporate Design Adaption for your Business

2.6 Cube7
CUBE 7 is the Core development of BONOFA AG. The system undergoes beta-testing right now. Its development will be finished September 2013 and the system will be launched immediately after the final tests.
CUBE 7 is …
a Social Network (Community), including all the usual functions like friendfinder, adding, sharing of pictures and videos, messaging etc.
a platform for Shopping, Entertainment, Games and Communication...

CUBE 7 offers the final customer (User) …
a Social Network for communication among friends
a Bonus-System, offering various benefits on the platform as a reward for successful recommendations
keen and up to date shopping-possibillities, i.e. Via Cube7 -Cashback Mall in cooperation with well known Online-Brands: Everything from Fashion to Consumer Electronics and Holidays....
Download Music and Videos

CUBE 7 offers BONOFA-Business Partners:
The opportunity to participate in the reveneue generated by Cube 7 Users and the revenue of their own Distributors
a huge potential to expand their own marketing network
an international Online-Market

2.7 Homepage-Kit
The BONOFA-Homepage-Kit makes it possible to construct a personal Homepage webbased– no matter if it"s for a Business or a private person.
Users will get an Account and will be able to design their websites layout (structures, colors, fonts, pictures etc.) and functions (navigation, contact-options, links, forms, etc.) individually or using templates via a Web-Editor.

2.8 Videocenter
BONOFA-Videocenter is a Video-Blog with Videos by selected Sales- and Marketing Coaches. Using the comments-, share- and follow-function generates traffic and specific communication between online-marketing-professionals and interested visitors. Bonofa-Partners can use the Videos on their own Landing- and Homepages.
The Videocenter is a source of information for people interested in sales, and an interesting marketplace for our partners.

2.9 Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
BONOFA develops and distributes Apps like for example the CUBECARD.
CubeCard lets you send a real Postcard directly from your Smartphone or Tablet, using your own picture.
With CubeCard, you can design your personal Postcard mobile and sent a printout by mail.
A cubecard costs 1,89€ - including worldwide shipping.
This App can be downloaded in the App-Store for free.
Businesspartners will get their share of the revenue via a system of recommendations.
Another BONOFA-development is the Facebook-Shopping App. It enables the user to get high discounts in leading Online Shops. BONOFA-Partners get a share of the revenue of every successful Facebook-recommendation.

2.10 CASH 7
CASH 7 is designed as an extensive E-Wallet System. The final customers will be able to handle all their online payments using Cash 7.
BONOFA-Partner van use it as a fast and stucturized way to manage all their BONOFA-related payments
The CASH7 Prepaid creditcard offers further possibillities: Worldwide payments, accepted at millions of banking terminals, international cash withdrawals and online payments.

2.11 BAIO plus
BAIO (Business All In One Office) is a BONOFA-Partners control center for all his activities.From here, he can manage his profile, view his accounts, enter the shop and manage his marketing-team.
BAIO plus – as a montthly subscription – offers various other tools for efficient online marketing.

Analytics, Trackingsystems, Statistics about your partners activities and prospects en
ABS (Automatic Business System)
Download-Center with forms
Evaluation of your partners marketing activities

2.12 Cashback-Mall
The BONOFA-Cashback-Mall offers keen shopping-possibilities and monthly cashback with leading online sales-platforms and all kinds of branches under one roof.
The system compares the prices of your chosen products from different online-shops and gives the best price to the customer. Using a step-by-step subscription system, customers can get even higher discounts. And with our recommendation-system, customers can get even more boni.

2.13 Community “”
A Web-Community with more than 9000 members.The System has all the standards: Social Network-Functions like Friendfinder, adding, sharing pictures and videos, sending messages and so on.
The history of our business shows that a lot of members are interested in our branch. These members want to sell their own services and products via the community.
The Community will be expanded to become an expert forum for everyone interested in marketing and distribution. This forum will be another interesting marketplace for BONOFA-Partners.

2.14 .comPoints
The .comPoints-Concept promises BONOFA-Distributionpartners an indirect financial share of BONOFAs economic success. To this purpose, Bonofa.comPoints Holding Company Ltd. Holds 40% of BONOFAs authorised capital. In case of success, meaning after payouts from BONOFA AG to the holding company, owners of .comPoints have a payment claim corresponding to the aquire .comPoints.
.comPoints are included as a bonus in special product packages of BONOFA AG and can be „earned“ - as a performance incentive – in case of a partners success in distribution.

3. BONOFA Deals
Business Partners can purchase the products as parts of discounted packages. Every package has a different content:

Registration 29,90 €
Premium Package 299,90 €
Exclusive Package 949,90 €
VIP Package 2490,90 €

3.1 Premium Package

1 x Landing Page info7
1 x Landing Page compoint
1 x Landing Page cube7
1 x ABS Landing Page info7

Userlicence ABS Software
Videocommunication incl. BONOFA templates

Worth of package: 589,00 €
Price including resgistration fee: 329,80 €

Additional benefits:

300,00 Euro Bonusdeposit, Members recruit members-Bonus of 1€/level = 3 Euro total, Unlimited Friendslist Cube 7, 10.000 .comPoints, Prepaid-Creditcard Cash7 with 20€ discount (19,90€/year)

3.2 Exclusive Package

Same as Premium.
First 25 Video-Modules: Coaching by Brian Tracy
First 25 manuals: Coaching by Brian Tracy

Worth of package: 1.484,50 €
Price including registration fee: 979,80 €

Additional benefits:

950,00 Euro Bonusdeposit, Members recruit members-Bonus of 2€/level = 6 Euro total, Unlimited Friendslist Cube 7, 50.000 .comPoints, Prepaid-Creditcard Cash7 first year free (instead of 39,90€/year)

3.3 VIP Package

Same as Exclusive.
all coaching videos and manuals of OEBA (Brian Tracy)

Worth of package: 3668,30 €
Price including registration fee: 2519,90 €

Additional benefits:

2500,00 Euro Bonusdeposit, Members recruit members-Bonus of 3€/level = 12 Euro total, Unlimited Friendslist Cube 7, 200.000 .comPoints, Prepaid-Creditcard Cash7 first year free (instead of 39,90€/year), Revenue of free Cube7 members will be assigned to VIP-Partners (Commission)

3.4 Abonnement BAIO+

The BAIO plus subscription includes various Online-Marketing-Tools:

Controlling System Distribution
Trackingsystem for Landingpages
Trackingsystem for Videomail
extended Accounting System
Access to all Videotemplates

Coming up: Access to all Videonewsletter -templates and Businessmembership Cube7

Monthly worth of package: 72,40 €
Monthly price: 29,90 €

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